The Mighty Heart - How to transform conflict

By Dr. Scilla Elworthy

What you will learn in this book

This short guidebook offers you the experience of people who have been preventing and resolving conflict for decades. Some of them work at the front-line – at the sharp end of armed violence. Others support their relatives to bring peace to family issues, help stop bullying in their children’s schools, or help their colleagues reduce stress in the workplace. Yet others mediate peace negotiations between warlords.

Here you will find practical, non-technical guidance for how to build your ‘Mighty Heart’, because the heart is the secret to all transformation. In this guidebook you will build the capacity and skills to have ‘courageous conversations’, to engage your feminine intelligence (available equally to men as to women), to understand how to work with and tame your inner critic, how to use anger as a fuel for transformation, and most importantly how to develop Presence.

Who should read this book

You who are afraid in this time of huge global turbulence
You who are having to cope with eruptions of family disputes
You who want to stop fighting with your partner
You who want to heal trauma that may have come down through generations
You who are facing fear for your own and your children’s future
You who would like to resolve conflicts in your community
You who have witnessed violence on the streets
You who have spent large sums trying to use the law to resolve a dispute
You who are heart-broken by a family feud that has been tearing relatives apart
You who feel there must be a better way to resolve environmental disputes
You who are struggling to assert your human rights
You who are tired of formal methods that don’t succeed in stopping armed conflict

About the author

Dr Scilla Elworthy turns vision into action: three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for developing effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics, with the Oxford Research Group founded in 1982. Peace Direct goes from strength to strength under brilliant young leadership, founded by Scilla in 2002 to fund, promote and learn from local peace-builders in conflict areas. Scilla was adviser to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson in setting up ‘The Elders’, and was Awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003. Today her full attention is on developing Business Plan for Peace resulting from her 2017 book The Business Plan for Peace: Building a World Without War. Her TED talk on non violence has been viewed by over 1,400,000 people on TED and YouTube.

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Working with Scilla

5 students, young peace builders and activists talk about their experience working with Scilla: what they learned, what impact it had on their life and how they integrated their knowledge into their everyday routine.

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