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Scilla Elworthy PhD

Dr Scilla Elworthy turns vision into action: three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for developing effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics, with the Oxford Research Group founded in 1982. 

Peace Direct goes from strength to strength under brilliant young leadership, founded by Scilla in 2002 to fund, promote and learn from local peace-builders in conflict areas. Scilla was adviser to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson in setting up ‘The Elders’, and was Awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003. 

Today her full attention is on developing Business Plan for Peace. resulting from her 2017 book The Business Plan for Peace: Building a World Without War.  Her TED talk on non violence has been viewed by over 1,400,000 people on TED and YouTube.  


Oxford Research Group

Established the Oxford Research Group, and for 23 years built up an international reputation for rigorous research into key global security issues (mainly WMD) and effective dialogue with government, the military and civil society.


Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for 1st time


Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

1989 Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for 2nd time


Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for 3rd time


Ph.D in Political Science

Awarded Ph.D in political science, Department of Peace Studies, Bradford University


Peace Direct

Established Peace Direct to support those working non-violently in conflict areas (Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo) to prevent or resolve conflict


Niwano Peace Prize

Awarded the Niwano Peace Prize to honor and encourage those devoting themselves to interreligious cooperation in the cause of peace


Charity Times Award

Peace Direct awarded Best New Charity at the Charity Times Awards


World Future Council

Appointed Councillor of the World Future Council


Preventive Diplomacy

2007 Appointed Member of the International Task Force on Preventive Diplomacy


The Elders

Launch of The Elders in Johannesburg on Nelson Mandela’s 89th birthday


World Peace Partnership Award

World Peace Partnership Award for Outstanding Contributions to Global Peace Building


TEDx Exeter

TEDx Exeter How do I deal with a bully, without becoming a thug myself?


International Advisory Council

Appointed to the International Advisory Council of the Institute for Economics and Peace


Hanwang Forum, Beijing

Speaker at Hanwang Forum, Beijing, State Guesthouse


 Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award presented by Voice of a Woman


The world's 100 most inspiring women

Ranked #32 on The world’s 100 most inspiring women by Salt magazine


Dadi Janki Award

Received Dadi Janki Award after being chosen one of the 100 Women of Spirit in the UK


Speaker at FemmeQ Summit

Speaker at FemmeQ Summit in Berlin with 10 other pioneers of Rising Women Rising World


Trinity College Leadership Perspectives Award

Honoured with the Leadership Perspectives Award by the Student Managed Fund


100 Visionary Leaders

Honoured as patron of BrightMed Festival in Gibraltar. Nominated one of 100 Visionary Leaders by ‘Real Leaders’ – the world’s first sustainable business & leadership magazine


Women Sowers of Development Prize

At Voices of Faith event at the Vatican, received the Women Sowers of Development Prize


Montessori Model United Nations Conference

For work to Empower Youth for a Better World, presented at the Montessori Model United Nations Conference in New York


Pathways for Peace, Heart Ambassador - Lifetime Achievement Award

Honoured as a Heart Ambassador with a Lifetime Achievement Award for the Inspiring and Tenacious Contribution to World Peace.


Luxembourg Peace Prize

Outstanding peace Activist


Goi Peace Award