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Activating Change

What I would like you to know about activating change

In this time of vast change and turbulence, people are constantly asking me “What can I do?” – so in this section of the website I would like to show you how energizing it can be to get active in bringing about change on the issues that break your heart. I want to offer people the confidence to stop complaining and start acting.

In his foreword to my book “Pioneering the Possible: Awakened Leadership for a World That Works” archbishop Desmond Tutu wrote:

“The world is in crisis. It needs people who have the skill to combine inner power with outer action. Inner power comes from self mastery, observing and controlling the ego, and deepening integrity through a regular practice of reflection or meditation. This generates not only the ability to transform conflicts, listen to others, communicate clearly and develop trust, but also the creative innovation and energy to resolve local and global problems.

This is the current evolutionary process that most people don’t yet see: namely that the desired outer changes cannot come about without the inner change, as Einstein said. The quality of your awareness will directly affect the quality of the results you produce. This book demonstrates—steadily and sensibly—how anyone can develop this inner power to build their own personal contribution to the future, and to a world that works for all.

It will wake you up to the challenges now facing the planet, and inspire you with sparkling accounts of what people are already doing to meet those challenges. It will show you how to build your own vision of the kind of future you want for your children, and the energy to make that vision real.
I suggest you use this book as a guide, so that you too can become a twenty-first- century pioneer of the possible.”

That pretty much sums up my message today.