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Enabling Deep Change to Happen

From Top Down to Bottom Up

Humanity is currently challenged by huge forces: climate change, global warming leading to starvation in many parts of the world, pandemics and illnesses that health systems cannot cope with, and wars that seem unstoppable.

Many in current leadership positions seem more interested in personal gain than in meeting and resolving these threats. The metrics and skills being used are incapable or unsuited to alleviate this extent of suffering, let alone transform it.

A new kind of leadership is urgently needed. Our challenge is to re-balance the way we make and apply decisions. Currently we prioritise the left brain, making decisions using the mind. The mind is brilliant at planning, measurement, strategy, logic, computing etc. But it cannot see the Big Picture, it cannot intuit what is needed immediately in a situation, it cannot sense feelings and explore possibilities. In short, the mind needs the brilliance of the heart.

In a world where people are facing uncertainty, loneliness, complexity and conflicts, the Mighty Heart online course is a lighthouse to find your way back to your heart, and open up to your real compassion! Guided by visionary leaders, you will get a deep dive into an awakening heart-driven leadership approach. This 10-week course will enable you to find your own answers to the fundamental questions which really matter in your life.

Angela Gallenz
Human Resources Director, H&M Central Europe

These skills have been invaluable to those of us working with teams all over the world. We have been guided in our inner work to discover our purpose and passion. We have gained the courage to be honest, found reliable ways of confronting our anxieties and inner critic, the wisdom and confidence to take a stand on issues that really matter today, and the ability to transform the conflicts that inevitably arise in a highly complex world.

Dirk Van Onsem
Vice President Emea Key Sport Partners, Nike Inc.

The course structure, the master facilitators, teachers, and hosts, the community and the integrated tools used, have enabled me to live from my heart and with more authenticity, compassion and listening. The course with its intense 10-week journey is a must for those who are curious, who want to make a difference and want to further our collective work towards building a better future.

Ankur Kamalia
Former Managing Director at Deutsche Börse Group and UBS

21st-Century Enlightenment

Odyssey Polaris Keynote

Odyssey connects governmental, corporate, and nonprofit partners with innovative ideas to collaboratively address complex 21st-century challenges.

New Leadership Skills

These days I and my colleagues teach the following

1. Inner work:

  • How deep listening can transform almost any conflict
  • Using your intuition to learn what’s needed in the moment
  • How to change your Inner Critic into a guide who knows what you need to know

2. Being in the moment:

  • How the skills of compassionate communication quickly defuse tension
  • Using your breath to be fully present in a crisis
  • The ability to use anger as a fuel for positive transformation
  • Observing your own reactivity to power dynamics

3. Effective work in the world:

  • Developing your capacity to speak truth to power
  • The skill and presence to take a stand on an issue you care about
  • Replacing ‘what can I get?’ with ‘what can I give?
  • Being in service to help build a safer world.

Leading into theFUTURE

Who do I talk to?

I first learned my trade by engaging with those making decisions on nuclear weapons during the Cold War: physicists, strategists, intelligence analysts, military and political leaders from the then 5 major nuclear nations. It took twenty years, from 1982 – 2002, but resulted in drafting two treaties on nuclear arms control, for which my Oxford Research Group was three times nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Much of the progress was due to using Right Brain Intelligence.

Those I talked to included Mikhail Gorbachov, General Lord David Ramsbotham, the General 2nd in command of the entire Chinese armed forces, the head of nuclear planning in the UK MoD, the Chief Scientist of Los Alamos nuclear lab (US), the Soviet general in charge of nuclear forces, etc.

Over the past twenty years

I’ve been working on the effectiveness of locally-led peace-builders, learning from great teachers experienced in the prevention of armed violence, like Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Mary Robinson, Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, Jean Paul Lederach, Dylan Mathews, Teohna Williams, Susan Marks, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Those I talk to now are mainly corporate leaders, those most interested in broadening their cognition, of being able to listen and learn what’s going on, of accessing their undeveloped skills of connection, of being able to make use of compassion – in short, their Mighty Hearts.

What is the overall arch of my work?

Having first understood something of international decision-making on nuclear weapons “How Nuclear Weapons Decisions Are Made” (MacMillan,1986), I have since concentrated on the effectiveness of locally-led efforts to prevent armed violence, having founded Peace Direct in 2002 and published “War Prevention Works” (2002). In 2005 I was asked to join Sir Richard Branson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in setting up The Elders – a global consortium of seasoned leaders to support wiser international decision-making.

As a result, I became impressed by how awakened leadership could build a safer world, leading to my sixth book “Pioneering the Possible”. This was followed by discovery of practical ways to build a world without war: The Business Plan for Peace (2016). Before the pandemic struck in 2019, I wrote “The Mighty Heart – how to transform conflict” which has since become a 10-module on-line course adopted by major international companies.

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