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Dialogue with Decision Makers

Speaking Truth to Power

In this section of the website I would like to show how we are able to engage in what the Quakers call “speaking truth to power” – that’s if we care enough about an issue. In fact the more we care about an issue, the more it’s incumbent on us to speak up about it.

The trick is to identify the person who can do something about the issue, to do all the necessary research so you really know what you’re talking about, and to deal with your own emotions about the issue before you open your mouth. I’ll say more about that at the end of the section.

Stories of my Life

In the course of work to develop dialogue I am profoundly grateful for the chances I’ve been offered to meet extraordinary people. Even if I disagreed with what they do, in each case I discovered remarkable human beings who taught me about myself, my reactions and about the world they inhabit.