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Public Speaking

What I Like to Speak About

How Business can prevent armed conflict

Corporations are potentially a powerful force for good in a deeply troubled world. We advise the private sector on how to invest in conflict prevention and take a stand on global issues, building collaboration between companies, communities and not-for-profits in conflict zones to build Infrastructures for Peace, using the model developed by Nelson Mandela.

The Mighty Heart in Action

I’m passionate about this 10-module course because it has become a life-saver for people dealing with grief, overwhelm, stress and burnout as a result of the pandemic, the increasing horrors of war, and massive increases in the cost of living. Each module is backed by exercises and small group discussions, and participants are provided with a workbook that illustrates the material with stories and space for personal reflection. For more information see the Mighty Heart website.

Right Brain Intelligence (RBI)

Decision-making in today’s world is dominated by left-brain linear thinking, obsessed with measurement, results, and ‘winning’. Balance is badly needed. The right brain supplies this by seeing the whole picture, using compassion to find solutions that benefit all rather than just those at the top. I love to talk about what RBI is, and what it can do for you and the world, with current examples.

Starting with Students

Universities are waking up to how strongly students now want to learn how to be of service to this troubled world, replacing the mantra of last century – “what can I get?” – with the new passion for “what can I give?”. Our courses show how to take a stand on issues you’re passionate about, get action, and make change happen.

Pioneering the Possible

In 2014 I wrote a book called Pioneering the Possible: awakened leadership for a world that works. Amazingly all of it still applies, about how we can change the values that underlie our decisions, speak truth to power, develop a practice of reflection so you can observe your own mind and it’s antics, use conflict as opportunity, and find out what you really want to do with your one precious life.

New leadership skills

A lot is written and spoken today about these skills, but most of it ignores the key ones. These include inner work, deep listening, using intuition, authenticity, transforming the Inner Critic, compassionate communication, being big enough to be vulnerable, not reacting to power dynamics, and identifying how your skill-set meets needs in the world – being in service.

TEDx Exeter

Fighting with nonviolence

In this wise and soulful talk, seen by 1.5 million people, peace activist Scilla Elworthy maps out the skills we need — as nations and individuals — to fight extreme force without using force in return.

A Sample of My Talks

21st-Century Enlightenment | Odyssey Polaris Keynote

How Businesses can Invest in Building Peace Worldwide – Wisdom in Business 2019

Pioneering The Possible – RSA Keynote

In a world where people are facing uncertainty, loneliness, complexity and conflicts, the Mighty Heart online course is a lighthouse to find your way back to your heart, and open up to your real compassion! Guided by visionary leaders, you will get a deep dive into an awakening heart-driven leadership approach. This 10-week course will enable you to find your own answers to the fundamental questions which really matter in your life.

Angela Gallenz
Human Resources Director, H&M Central Europe

These skills have been invaluable to those of us working with teams all over the world. We have been guided in our inner work to discover our purpose and passion. We have gained the courage to be honest, found reliable ways of confronting our anxieties and inner critic, the wisdom and confidence to take a stand on issues that really matter today, and the ability to transform the conflicts that inevitably arise in a highly complex world.

Dirk Van Onsem
Vice President Emea Key Sport Partners, Nike Inc.

The course structure, the master facilitators, teachers, and hosts, the community and the integrated tools used, have enabled me to live from my heart and with more authenticity, compassion and listening. The course with its intense 10-week journey is a must for those who are curious, who want to make a difference and want to further our collective work towards building a better future.

Ankur Kamalia
Former Managing Director at Deutsche Böurse Group and UBS

Who enjoys hearing Scilla

Global leaders

The Prince of Wales Business and Sustainability Programme, The Impact Summit at the Peace Palace at The Hague, The Global Fund for Peace, Shrivenham Defence Academy, Hall of Knights Assembly in the Hague, Phoenix Capital Investment Forum, Dutch Foreign Ministry address, Chile Government Futures Congress, Global Women’s Leadership Retreat, BAKU Global Forum.

Learning Institutes

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, The Scientific and Medical Network, The Marianne Fry Lecture, Bradford University Alumni, Peace One Day, the Shift Network, TEDx, One Young World, Inner Peace conference Amsterdam, Montessori conferences New York and Dublin, Rotary keynotes, Oxford Brookes University keynote, UK DEFRA Women’s network.

Corporate Executives

I’ve spoken at companies including Price Waterhouse Coopers, Intel, Eden Project, Linklaters London, Linklaters Brussels, Management Centre Europe, BAE Systems. Chanel annual conference keynote; ‘Imagine Chanel’ annual Leadership Training; KERING Group keynote; Newcore Company address; PYMWYMIC address; Wetherby’s Bank keynote; PUKKA TEAS leadership lecture.

Literary Festivals

The Chisholme Institute, the Salon Mondaine series to discuss Being Peace at Soho House, Berlin, Toulouse Quakers Annual Conference, Mind & Life Europe, Resurgence’s 50th anniversary conference, Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace, Spirit of Humanity Forum, Empathy and Compassion in Society, Oslo.Bristol Peace Lecture, Swiss Nuclear Symposium, Glastonbury Symposium, Tagore Festival, Bristol Big Green Week, Findhorn Peace in Action conference,
FemmeQ Summit Los Angeles,

Shift the Energy in your Organisation

You and your team will learn how to shift energy; from anger and anxiety to action; from fatigue to service, developing an overall safer and thriving atmosphere at work.

Featuring Scilla at your next event

Scilla is currently offering talks and interviews on:

  • AI meets Heart Intelligence
  • How Women Leaders Stop Wars
  • Leading with the Heart in Business
  • The Goi Peace Award Commemorative Speech
  • If you would like to invite Scilla to speak at your event please complete the Media Request form.