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Heartbreak calls us to listen

A beautiful peaceful garden full of colourful flowers.

What’s happening in Gaza now, in Ukraine and many other places of horror is heart breaking and terrifying. What’s happening to the planet and her earth and water is disastrous for us all.

When our hearts break, this is the time to listen.
Listen first to your body, ask it what it needs, and make sure you give it exactly that. It may be rest, it may be fresh air, it may be a different kind of food and liquid, it may be solitude. Then ask it what it doesn’t want, and stop giving it that.

Listen then to your mind. Listen to it chattering, ask it to slow down, be still. Your mind is your map of the future; it knows what your particular gifts can contribute to a fairer, safer, kinder future.
Write down what it says, what it asks of you, and start to do it.

Listen then to your heart, hold it with your two hands. If you go quiet enough you can hear it beating. With every beat there is a gentle descent to stillness.

There lies your own knowledge, your wisdom, your answer to the questions you have been asking.

This is the sacred work we are all called to do now, in the present, in these days of fear and harshness. This work will truthfully reveal your role, and how your abilities and your sacred energy are needed now, to help change this troubled world.