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My Daughter

My daughter Polly and her wife Rose now have three children, who are such a joy to me, and in the summer of 2017 came camping in my garden.

Giving birth to my daughter Polly and watching her grow has taught me more about the importance of honesty and openness than anything else in my life. Polly is a living example of truth in action, and the arrival of her children has made it all the more urgent in my mind to help build a world that is safe for all. Polly and I believe passionately that the parallel development of inner awareness and outer action—the marriage of the two—is the only effective way to bring about positive change.

I know also from experience that being involved in creating a safer and more satisfying future is the source of the greatest and most lasting joy imaginable—a joy that can sustain you through all the ordeals of working for a new world.