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Peace One Day, 20th Anniversary Celebrations, The Globe Theatre, London

On Saturday 21 September 2019 Scilla and Teohna joined in the celebration of International Day of Peace and the 20th Anniversary for Peace One Day at the Globe Theatre in London.

The entire audience of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre were on their feet, whistling and cheering Sir Mark Rylance, Jude Law, Sting and Joely Richardson, as well as a veritable horde of performers from all over the world.  The three hours of applause was evidence that peace is becoming as powerful as climate change as a motivator for grassroots action. Scilla was able to give some facts on how fast this is growing – from 350 locally led initiatives in conflict areas 20 years ago to 1786 now, as researched by Peace Direct.  And she could give the audience ideas as to what they, and you, can do to build peace in our communities, companies, in our children’s schools and even in our homes!