Opportunities to work with Scilla

Join Pioneering the Possible Communities:

10 of my trained volunteers will be invited each to mentor a group, according to intention e.g. to act locally, nationally or internationally, or by experience e.g. education, political action, non violence, youth campaigns, environment, feminine values, poverty, conflict prevention, military, indigenous groups, etc Volunteers will ensure they do the inner work, help them form small groups intent on one of the initiatives in the book, (if they come up with their own, ask them to write an outline based on experience of what already works).

Leading with Grace & Resilience:

Women are awakening to their value and potential to be the agents for change they wish to see in the world as well as the leaders they know are needed in business. Leading with GRACE AND RESILIENCE is for women who are committed to paving the way forward and reinventing both the way they live personally along with corporate culture and operating models. During our time together we will discuss why these qualities are essential for the individual and the corporation, and how best to apply them.

Peace-building Masterclass with Scilla:

Building on the ‘Peace Talks’, this Masterclass is for graduates of that webinar, namely for those who have decided on the contribution they plan to make, and want to absorb skills to build a team, register your organization, write your passion statement, set realistic intentions, raise funds, maintain your energy, celebrate your achievements.

Business Consultancy:

For selected corporations Scilla is willing to advise on developing a culture of listening, inclusivity and conflict transformation within your organization.

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