Mighty Heart Introduction (April 2022) [6:07]

Scilla outlines how the Mighty Heart online course can help people come to terms with the sense of overwhelm and loss that they feel – and become far more effective change makers in the world.


Book launch: The Mighty Heart in Action (March 2022) [4.25]

Dr Scilla Elworthy launches her new book the Mighty Heart in Action and describes how we can each unlock the power of our own Mighty Hearts to create a better world.


Interview with Florian Hoffmann from The Do School (March 2022) [10.28]

Scilla explores the war in Ukraine and what can be done long-term to build sustainable peace throughout the world.



Interview with Peace Day Live (November 2021) [9.21]

Dr Scilla Elworthy interviewed by Sacha Parkinson for Peace Day 21 September.


Sreip Show (October 2021) [41.58]

Scilla speak to Sreip Show’s Piers Thackray about her career in peacebuilding.


How do we solve conflict without war? (July 2020) [3.28]

The Business Plan for Peace offers a costed viable way to prevent armed conflict – so vital in a moment like this. Please support Dr Scilla Elworthy and her team’s vital work at


FemmeQ – Pearls of Wisdom (May 2018) [0:38]

FemmeQ Summit – Pearls of Wisdom
Filmed: May 2018


Weatherbys Bank: Creating the Future (April 2018) [19:02]

Weatherbys Bank: Creating the Future
Filmed: April 2018

Scilla spoke about The Business Plan for Peace, outlining the 9 Strategies she is now seeking funding for.

“I could imagine that people there might think it fanciful to envisage a world without war, might well be sceptical of applying a business plan to an issue like peace – but apparently you could hear a pin drop.”


The Power of Dialogue in Times of Insecurity (April 2017) [24:20]

Empathy and Compassion in Society
Filmed: April 2017


UNESCO, India (October 2016) [1:33:40]

Unesco India
Filmed: October 2016

“Peace or War? Why war continues, how peace can be built, what it will cost, and who can do it.”


FemmeQ Summit Berlin – Pioneering the Possible (June 2016) [14:09]

FemmeQ Summit Berlin – Pioneering the Possible
Filmed: June 2016


Scilla Elworthy: Part 1 – The Heart of Peace (March 2016) [49:54]

Global Leadership TV: Part 1 – The Heart of Peace
Filmed: March 2016

Discover the core challenges & opportunities in making peace actually work with Nobel Peace Prize nominee & founder of the Oxford Research Group & Peace Direct.


Scilla Elworthy: Part 2 – Developing Peacemakers (April 2016) [44:22]

Global Leadership TV by Global Academy Foundation
Filmed: April 2016

Discover how to develop the skills necessary for peacemakers with Nobel Peace Prize nominee & founder of the Oxford Research Group & Peace Direct.



Peace Direct & Rising Women, Rising World (November 2015) [4:32]

An Opus Earth Production for Network of Wellbeing
Filmed: November 2015


Why Nuclear Deterrence is Obsolete in the 21st Century (September 2015) [4:19]

Talkworks Production
Filmed: September 2015

It’s time now for a treaty to be signed to make these obsolete weapons illegal forever,  for everyone – and to build a cooperative security strategy, one which is part of our newly interconnected world, that will actually address the problems that we face.’


Global Media Forum (June 2015) [59:11]

Global Media Forum hosted by Deutsche Welle
Filmed: June 2015


EDOF and CNN Freedom Project (March 2015) [1:00]

The EDOF and CNN Freedom Project
Filmed: March 2015



RSA – 21st Century Enlightenment: On Humanity (October 2014) [16:37]

RSA – 21st Century Enlightenment: On Humanity
Filmed: October 2014

Peace builder Scilla Elworthy proposes ten new 21st century values to replace the stale values of the past, in order to build a world that works for all.


Choice Point Movement (2013) [5:25]

Choice Point Movement
Filmed: 2013

If you need inspiration, do watch Harry Massey’s award-winning film CHOICEPOINT. Sir Richard Branson says: “Choice Point is a ground-breaking movie to show how we both individually and collectively can be the change we want to see in the world!” Group”
You can watch the movie free on



TED Talk Youth: Do Something! OK But How? (December 2012) [16:19]

Filmed: December 2012


TED Talk: Dare to Question Why We Are So Afraid of Getting Older (October 2012) [17:19]

Ted Talk
Filmed: October 2012


TED Talk: Fighting with non-violence (April 2012) [15:41]

Ted Talk: Fighting with non-violence
Filmed: April 2012

How do you deal with a bully without becoming a thug? In this wise and soulful talk, peace activist Scilla Elworthy maps out the skills we need – as nations and individuals – to fight extreme force without using force in return. To answer the question of why and how nonviolence works, she evokes historical heroes – Aung San Suu Kyi, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela – and the personal philosophies that powered their peaceful protest.


Building Peace Conference: Reflections on a Career of Peacebuilding (May 2010) [19:36]

Oxford Network for Peace Studies: University of Oxford
Filmed: May 2010

A keynote address from the Building Peace conference organized by the Oxford Network for Peace Studies and hosted by St John’s College, Oxford on 15 May 2010.


Scilla Elworthy on President Obama’s 2009 Global Nuclear Disarmament Initiative (2010) [9:35]

Talkworks Production
Filmed: 2010


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