The Montessori Event, Washington DC

Scilla will give a Keynote Speech on “Empowering the Adolescent as an Agent of Change” at The Montessori Event in Washington D.C. on 24 March 2019.

Some children and young people are showing signs of distress as the media insists on presenting a world of chaos and violence. In actual fact the world is becoming less violent, and it is our job to present the facts. We can assist adolescents with skills that effectively defuse anger and aggression in school, skills that they can even teach to their parents, based on for example, Nonviolent Communication.

My work is deeply aligned with Montessori principles, because within Montessori young people are offered a ‘whole’ education, including physical, spiritual, social, mental and emotional.   It is so vital for children to learn about the world by discovery, and also learn tools for calming themselves and conducting peaceful conflict resolution.

We can demonstrate to them the power of Listening, as the fastest way to turn an argument into an understanding of the other person, and vice versa. In early teenage, we can help them use their upsurge of idealism to identify what they care most about, and learn how to use their skills and those of their friends to help make a difference in the world.

For more information please visit the American Montessori Society website.