Montessori Europe Congress, Dublin

Scilla Elworthy will be giving a Keynote talk to open the 2019 Dublin Montessori Europe Congress.

Her talk entitled: Empowering young people to be agents of social change will focus on the role of education in promoting global peaceful co-operation.

Some children and young people are showing signs of distress as the media continues to present chaos and violence in our communities, when in fact the world today is becoming less violent. We are also witnessing the power of teenage agency and advocacy in the global environmental movement initiated by Greta Thunberg. It is the role of education to present the facts.

We can assist children and young people with skills that effectively defuse anger and aggression in school; skills which they can share with their parents –such as non-violent communication. We can demonstrate to them the power of listening as the fastest way of turning an argument into an understanding or each point of view. We can harness the upsurge of idealism in the early teenage years to identify what they care most about and help them learn how to use their skills and those of their friends to make a difference in the world.

For more information and registration details please go to the Montessori Europe website.