12 Part Online Course: #9 – The Unique Role of Women and Feminine Intelligence in Peace-Building

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Part 9: The Unique Role of Women and Feminine Intelligence in Peace-Building

1. Women make up more than 52% of the global population but have largely, until now, been left out of both the war and peace process
2. The qualities that drive war and the qualities that create peace
3. Skills to shift from one to the other
4. Feminine qualities as universally accessible, not tied to gender
5. The advocacy that women bring to the peace table for:
– Trauma relief
– Truth and Reconciliation
– Those who have suffered from war (wounded soldiers, raped women, displaced civilians)
6. The focus of men more on:
– Military Power
-Alliances of strategic dominance
– Security and status
7. UN Resolution 1325- Mandating the Presence of Women at the Peace Negotiation Table (and perhaps here we can also refer to the new UN resolution of a similar ilk mandating youth at the peace negotiation table?)
8. Stories about the role of women in bringing peace to conflicts in:
– Syria
– Liberia
– Kenya
– Nicaragua
– Liberia
9. How we can support the engagement of gender equity at the peace table
10. Femme Q, Rising Women Rising World, Women Illuminated

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