12 Part Online Course: #6 – Building Peace Nationally

Ready to Become a Powerful Ambassador for Peace…Without Losing Your Courage?

Then we invite you to join us for a 12 month, interactive online journey into the most up-to-date, proven, real-world frameworks, tools, practices and support for building peace locally and globally.

Part 6: Building Peace Nationally

1. The 9 Projects Related to National and Regional Peace Building
2. The 14 Calls to Individual Action for Achieving Peace at the National and Regional Level
3. Moving from Power Over and Domination to Power With, Empowerment and Dominion
4. Reinvestment from arms production to renewable energy
5. The power of women to counter extremism and change policy
6. Moving from Defense Budgets to Conflict Prevention budgets
7. Truth and Reconciliation and Peace Infrastructures- South Africa’s success

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