12 Part Online Course: #4 – Preventing War

Ready to Become a Powerful Ambassador for Peace…Without Losing Your Courage?

Then we invite you to join us for a 12 month, interactive online journey into the most up-to-date, proven, real-world frameworks, tools, practices and support for building peace locally and globally.

Part 4: Preventing War

1. The International Day of Peace, Cease Fires, and What Happens When War Stops (Even for a Day)!
2. Building peace requires more than stopping war
3. The 8 Pathways To Peace
4. The 3 Key Strategies: Dialogue (Refresh Class 2) Prevention Comprehensive Contact Teams Multi-   Stakeholder Dialogues Early Intervention Early warning systems
5. Infrastructures for Peace- the South Africa Case Study
6. Decisions made from a sense of threat- stress physiology in waging war
7. Cognitive mapping: what motivates decisions?
8. Trust, safety, and security
9. Dignity

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